• No Mo' Drama

    by Dean 0 Lessons $19.99

    Do you feel like your life is filled with constant drama?

    • You feel like your life is out of control
    • Your heart is in a constant state of anxiety and disappointment
    • You continually feel the pressure of others’ expectations and demands

    What if I told you that you could live life with perfect peace?

    God never intended for us to live in a constant anxiety and stress.

    When we understand what the Bible says about peace and how to live at peace from the inside out, we begin an exciting journey of living in continual peace despite the circumstances around us.

    This 6-part course will teach you how to begin cultivating peace in your heart. While we cannot escape our circumstances, when we learn how to live a drama-free life, we learn how to walk through life’s circumstances with perfect peace and calm in our hearts and emotions because we have learned how to live at peace from the inside out.

    This is what “No Mo’ Drama” is all about!

    No Mo’ Drama is a 6-part course on understanding how to learn to live in perfect peace.

    With this course you receive:

    • Lifetime access to all materials
    • 6 video-based lessons
    • A free workbook
    • Access to a private Facebook group where you can discuss the lessons with me and other students

    A special live course through No Mo’ Drama will take place April 3-8 in a private Facebook Group! Sign up today to reserve you spot!