Read Through the Bible in 365 Days Workbook 3


Read through the Bible in 365 Days with this Bible reading and prayer challenge workbook. Each workbook contains 55 pages of worksheets, journal sheets and more!



I know, you’ve probably heard people groan about hitting Deuteronomy and reading through all of the laws and sacrifices, or clumsily read those awkward names that no one can pronounce.

But if you’re letting that stop you from getting out of your Bible reading rut and actually engaging in an intentional plan to read through the entire Bible, cover to cover, then you don’t know what you’re missing!

You see, God speaks to us through His Word, even through the genealogies!

Have you ever looked at Jesus’ genealogy? The passage that everyone likes to skip over tells us so much about God’s love and grace!

Or how about the Prayer of Jabez…tucked right in a passage that most consider boring.

When you begin reading through the Bible, you’ll find amazing treasures you never knew were in God’s Word.

Let me challenge you to try it just once! Join my Read Through the Bible in 365 Days Bible reading challenge. By joining my challenge, each month you’ll receive a reading plan and journal that will not only help you to reach the book of Revelation in 365 days, it will also provide you practical tools to study the Bible, not just read words on a page.



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