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  • The Book of Revelation Bible Study


    Study the book of Revelation chapter by chapter with this online video-based Bible study.

    In this 21-week Bible study, I unpack the Book of Revelation chapter-by-chapter.

    I reveal for you the exciting and profound meaning behind the imagery we read and how it relates to us today, in the 21st century.

    With this course you receive:

    • Lifetime access to all materials
    • 20 video-based lessons
    • A free workbook
    • Access to a private Facebook group where you can discuss the lessons with me and other students
  • 21st Century Leadership 101 – Biblical Basis of Leadership Authority


    Are you called to be a leader? Perhaps you’ve always felt a desire to be a teacher or mentor; maybe you’ve felt a strong call to preach or serve in a leadership role in the church. Leaders have tremendous impact in the lives of both children and adults; that impact can be positive or negative;…

  • No Mo’ Drama


    Do you feel like your life is filled with constant drama? You feel like your life is out of control Your heart is in a constant state of anxiety and disappointment You continually feel the pressure of others’ expectations and demands What if I told you that you could live life with perfect peace? God…

  • Where Are We At On God’s Time Clock


    Learn how you can read the signs of the times through the prism of history in this powerful course Where Are We At On God’s Timeclock