1. I believe a woman may teach or preach from the pulpit as long as she is under the authority of the senior pastor. I do not believe a woman can biblically be a senior pastor

      1. Honesty in this area is very shocking to people accustomed to being told what they want to here. I have never thought a woman should preach in the church, but she could lead groups of other women. I don’t know that I was influenced in that view by anyone specifically. I do know that 1) Eve was the one approached by Satan before the fall. Is it that because, as the woman, she was built to receive and was therefore easier to convince? Either way, it was Eve who was deceived, not Adam. Also, there is Titus that clearly list a woman’s main expected duties. Since they are things that didn’t disappear just because time changed, women should be more concerned with doing those things to the best of their ability. They can still ‘Marry young’ although today how young they marry may be different from the time Titus wrote in. Bearing children is still ONLY something women are able to do (in the way it was intended to be done). And while men can and often DO ‘keep the house’ it does not satisfy them the way it should. Most don’t do it for long stretches. It tends to make society see them as effeminate, which is why they are so loudly supportive of men who choose to do that. (<that is just my personal assumption.)
        That none of my opinion is popular with most people must be obvious, but nothing that has ever been reasoned out to support a different view in my thinking has ever changed it except that they may have been speaking of women disrupting services by asking questions out loud in churches then as I believe there was a seating arrangement that kept them separate from their husbands at that time.
        Certainly they were able to pray and prophesy as long as they were under proper headship of leaders in the church. But preaching requires more than book learning and it takes a ton of time away from the roles set aside for women specifically.

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