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  1. I love your three questions as well. No matter what the ‘style’ or genre of the music, does it worship Him? Is it focused on Him? We may all have various styles we prefer, but I feel that that IS the number one issue 🙂 And of course having our hearts right as a lifestyle.

    Thanks so much for coming & linking up with us on last week’s Inspired By Me Mondays! Hope you can come join us again for this week’s party 🙂 Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

  2. First, it’s nice to see a man on these blog link-ups! Second, as a former worship leader and as one who loves music, I enjoyed reading this, nodding my head as I read. I know that I am now in the “older generation” because I tell my husband (too frequently), “I guess the new trend is for men to sing high…the congregation can’t sing that high.” Blahblahblah…if the questions at the end of your blog can all be answered with a “yes” then I ought to just shut up. Thanks for a great teaching.

    1. Thank you, Mary! I think you’re struggle is a very common one. I see many articles and blog posts about the very thing you mentioned. But, yes – if we have a heart to worship, we can worship Him no matter what because He is worthy of our praise.

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