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  1. I am a believer, but I wrestle with this quite a bit. It seems paradoxical and inexorably intertwined that Jesus was/is as much fully man as he was deity. If Jesus was born into our world of suffering as full deity while he walked among us, how does this not diminish his human experience. I mean, were I deity, my walk through life would be far easier than if I were simply a man. Deity knows its own immortality. Man does not. Nothing I or anyone else could do would change the fact of my immutable immortality. Therefore, suffering the worst other men could offer me will not end me. My knowledge of this would make all pain and torture immanently survivable and recoverable. How does that not lessen my experience as a man? How does that not rob me of the ability to see things from my creation’s perspective? How does that not make me unrelatable to my own creation and keep us forever at a distance?

    Furthermore, how much more powerful is Jesus’s message if he is unaware of his own deity? That he, like his fellow travelers, was keenly aware of his own mortality and that its loss meant something to him as a man that it could never mean to him as deity?

  2. Praise the Lord! What an excellent post. Jesus Christ name above all names. King of kings, Lord of lords. Thank you Dean for a beautiful post. May God bless you.

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