21st Century Leadership 101 – Biblical Basis of Leadership Authority



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Are you called to be a leader? Perhaps you’ve always felt a desire to be a teacher or mentor; maybe you’ve felt a strong call to preach or serve in a leadership role in the church. Leaders have tremendous impact in the lives of both children and adults; that impact can be positive or negative; it can inspire those they lead to do great things for God or it can leave them with the impression that God is a cruel deity waiting to punish them for every move. Today’s church is in dire need of godly leaders who not only hold to the integrity of the Word of God and passionately desire to disciple new believers to do the same, but today’s church also need leaders who know how to truly lead effectively. 21 Century Leadership is a 3- part series that will teach you the importance of team building and effective leadership in the church today. Hi, I am Dr. Hackett and I have been pastoring for over 40 years, during which I planted 4 churches and have formed countless teams, committees and boards. Being a pastor has challenged me to become a student of effective and modern leadership, and then take what I’ve learned and put it into the context of church leadership, looking at each principle through the prism of God’s Word, using Jesus as our greatest example of servant leadership. It is my passion and desire to raise up a new generation of leaders who will not only go out and make disciples of all nations, but who will – themselves – train up a new generation of pastors, evangelists, Sunday school teachers, discipleship class teachers, Bible school professors, and Christian mentors.
21st Century Leadership 101
In 21st Century Leadership 101 – a Biblical Basis of Leadership Authority, you will receive lifetime access to 12 video-based lessons, each between 30 minutes to an hour long. You will also receive a free workbook and access to the Leadership Development Institute Facebook group where you can dialogue and ask questions about the lessons.
More about Leadership Development Institute: Leadership Development Institute is a college level, non-accredited institute designed for advanced training in leadership development and spiritual formation. It is designed for those men and women who want to become leaders in the local church and the kingdom of God. Every lesson in each course is carefully designed to develop and train today’s church leader in understanding how to avoid the church-growth fad and embrace the authentic presence of God that will radically change lives and our culture today. In Leadership Development Institute, you will learn the value of team development and servant leadership, using Jesus Christ as our example of perfect leadership and team development.


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