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    Truly I tell you,how much more offended will you be if you knock on his door to enter.Only to hear his voice from the other side asking you “Who are you?”You say who you are but then you hear the most terrifying reply,”Go away,I do not know you?”You beg for your soul to enter and say “My Lord Jesus this is (Your Name),you know me?”.He replies back,”How do I know you,when you do not know me?”For many of us will knock and will be refused entry.It is because you did not take the time when you were alive to get to know the only one who could have saved you?Jesus is the ONLY way to eternal life,there is NO OTHER WAY past him,because you will not get past him if you do not know him?.But so many of us fail to even bother,until it is too late?Those who are “Offended” by Jesus and by messages becoming too Christian?,How MUCH MORE offended will they be if they are left outside the door to eternal life and left outside in ETERNAL darkness instead?where there will be a great gritting and gnashing of teeth?If you truly knew how terrifying eternity is you would change your life to live in Jesus overnight!

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