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  1. Yes, indeed faithfulness matters to the Lord and I am so glad that it does, because He is faithful and just. Marriage is a very holy and highly regarded insitution before the Lord and so is the faithfulness to covenant. God is faithful to His covenats with us. What would happend if God did not keep His WORD. As things stand in the world today, many men does not understand the purpose of keeping covenant, their WORD, and proteting and respecting the blessing of being a husband, father, protector and provider and guiding their families with love and understanding.

    1. Yes, imagine what life would be like if God took His covenant with us as lightly as many do with their marriage partners. Thank God for His faithfulness to us!

  2. Love this Dean. I am a black woman and I’m honestly horrified by seeing friends of mine especially Christian friends and organizations support a person who is racist, hateful to Muslims, hateful to immigrants (even though his parents were), hateful to undocumented citizens, against God, 100 percent okay with violence and an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, and the only benefit is what is in it for us and our so called “pure USA”. It’s just ignoring the facts that America is a melting pot with hundreds of people and we all should be looking out for the best for one another.

    It makes me sad to think that Christian people can be selfish enough to push aside the morals of Jesus and caring about those who come from other countries (we’re talking children without parents are orphans suddenly insignificant to Jesus when they’re from Mexico? whatever happened to the great commission guys and gals?) in search of our own needs getting accomplished. I’d just love to see Christianity in a true full force like the Acts church.

    I’m praying for a Saul to Paul transformation for Trump-kun.

  3. Dean, this is a powerful post. I pinned and shared on FB. I pray many, many people will read it and THINK before they cast their ballots! I fear for our nation if we turn a blind eye again!

    Keep speaking the truth! Blessings, my brother!

    1. I wish more people understood this connection. The choices we make in our private lives have great influence on the choices we make in our public lives.

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