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  1. What about His followers? The Gospel names them as ‘a separate group’ from His disciples. And His forgiveness offered at The Cross was specifically ‘for “they who know not what they are doing.”‘ Are disciples thus UNforgiven? & must ‘earn’ peace by fulfilling The Great Commission?

    1. Salvation is a gift that is free. All we must do is accept it. Accept Gods unconditional love. But then to truly love Jesus is to follow His commandments. It’s all well and good to know and even talk about it but until we become doers of His Word and living it, will we begin to see the fruits of our labors.

  2. Please consider sharing this at Word of God Speak. This is exactly what all my posts have been about this week. Complete surrender. Following not being a fan. Be His.

  3. I agree! The base word of disciple is also that of the word “discipline” that is we have to learn to discipline ourselves to actually “do” what Christ tells us to do. if we are unwilling to read “black & white” and follow through, then who are we really serving? Him or us?

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