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  1. The biggest difference between homeschooled families and all others is that the (diligent) homeschooler KNOWS that they are “schooling” 24/7 and the others have compartmentalized “schooling” as somehow separate from the rest of life education. They simply don’t realize that ALL parents are, in actuality, homeschooling their child(ren) for better or worse, 24/7. I am impressed with the authors “fruits,” three children serving in full-time ministry! It is not stated, however, how many children the author has. Coming to the L-rd late in life at age 35, the L-rd blessed me with four children in my “older age” who were homeschooled (more or less!) exactly as the author recommends but, w/o the blessing of both parents in agreement. My husband was/is a “cultural Christian,” and very compartmentalized. After a marriage of 4 years, he woke up next to a complete stranger (after my conversion!). Even so, our marriage lasted for 30 years as the L-rd made provision for me to stay at home and focus on “…raising up a generation mighty unto the L-rd.” Two are strong Believers despite the many and great challenges found within the church itself, and two are not (much grief there!). I believe that ALL Believers are “in full time ministry” (whether they know it or not!) no matter what they do for a living! One is a Registered Nurse, the other a Mechanical Engineer. I just wanted to make the point that homeschooling (even 24/7!) is not necessarily a blueprint for the salvation of our children. They do have free will despite ALL our efforts!. And yes, I have no doubt but that the other two may yet become Believers with the strong foundation laid through 24/7 homeschooling. Actually, I praise G-d for their stubbornness and resistance b/c I know they may become The Most Committed (stubborn) Believers in the Remnant Resistance of all! Their “book” is not finished! Homeschooling IS a challenge, but it is a Wonderful Challenge with many and great benefits. I left a fulfilling career as a Surgical Intensive Care RN (very challenging!) to go to the house and raise G-d’s Blessings G-d’s Way and have NEVER been more “challenged,” or “blessed” by ANYTHING else I have ever done.

    1. Thank you so much for your well thought-out comment. It was very encouraging. I have 3 children and all three are serving in full-time ministry today. Yet, I do agree that all believers serve (or should serve) the kingdom full-time no matter where they are.

  2. I too agree that homeschooling must be very intentional, purposeful, diligent and disciplined. One must remember that homeschooling my not be the correct answer for your situation. Homeschooling requires parental teamwork! While one parent is totally evolved in the instructional side, schooling discipline and educational results, the other parent should be available to teach specific lessons or class as needed.

    Hard work is an understatement when it comes to homeschooling but you are correct in assessing it to be rewarding. Not only is it rewarding there is more complete family bonding that happens. I have seen the shotgun approach to home school education and it does lead to many problems for the student and teacher. Maintaining schedule classes, class times, educational discipline, and required learning benchmarks help overcome many issues that shotgun approach. For the parental teacher understanding the concept of time management and applying them to life help reduce daily stessor.

    “The curriculum selected must reinforced a biblical world view but also teach the concepts for living a biblical world view 24-7.”

    This a great article on homeschooling! Thank!

    1. “Not only is it rewarding there is more complete family bonding that happens.” – yes, I completely agree. I am so glad you stopped by to chime in on the conversation. Your comment was very helpful and informative.

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