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  1. Why is it the Sabbath, of all God’s 10 commandments, that we feel necessary to or have the freedom to “interpret?” Would it be acceptable to put our own spin on laws like murder or coveting your neighbour’s wife? There should be no debate. A law, even if given in love, is still a law not a suggestion. Jesus kept the Sabbath in the 7th day of the week (Saturday) and He came to be our example. If we love him, we love and live His law, in its entirety, we do not stick to 9 and then change God’s law to our own free will just because it doesnt suit us, or what people might be saying about or decision. Who’s opinion matters in the end any way?

    1. I agree, I believe that the Word of God means what it says. That said, the Word of God says that the 7th day of the week is the Sabbath of the Lord, which He hallowed and sanctified. The Sabbath was not about the Jews, as the Sabbath was created at CREATION as a MEMORIAL for CREATION!
      That said, and since I have no heaven to keep anyone out of nor a hell to send anyone to, I have no judgment for anyone. We will each answer for ourselves.
      Al Bliss, III
      Fayetteville, Ga.

  2. Thank you Pastor for your conviction and service to the body.
    However my question to everyone here is… How did you go keeping the Law today and how was your love for God too.

    How do you keep yourself loving God even in days when everything around you is in teramole?


  3. Thank you for that really great article. The only thing I disagree with is the keeping the Sabbath which I keep on Saturday as all the disciples and Jesus kept. However I don’t argue with people who keep Sunday that I believe will be settle by God himself when he comes back.

  4. I enjoyed your article in Charima magazine and now this article also. What comes to mind is a question concerning the Sabbath, the 4th commandment, on which day do you honor God?

    1. When this question comes up, I refer to Paul’s words in Colossians 2. While I do believe that Christians need to continue to keep the Sabbath, whether that happens on a Saturday or Sunday needs to left to personal conviction. In fact, Paul warned us not to engage in debating on these subjects because they shift our focus off of those things that are essential.

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