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  1. Oh dear brother in Christ could i EVER thank you!I just want to hug you as you give me consolation through confirmation of what the Lord is leading towards and where the church is headed!

    I am having a hard time trying to convince them to put away the worldly and pagan ways!I am obligated to play “scriptural tennis” with pastors and elders,etc.!!!

    You hit the nail on it perfectly and put words to what i couldn’t explain so much my spirit was grieved and vexed-just totally disgusted with what is taught and the spirit of the anti-christ behind this…even since the time of Saint Paul!!!

    The christmas tree…God said no tree and don’t adore me or inquire of how the pagans and other nations worship me!BUT,the tree is popular so the church adopted it to remember Christ.

    Celebrate his birthday which no self respecting hebrew would do…Just the pagan and bad kings celebrated their birthday just like Ishtar with the cake being given!

    Jesus did NOT say to remember his birth but his death.A memorial of his sacrifice that took off the attention on his self but on the fact that the Father sent him out of love and mercy…It wasn’t about him.

    This article consoles me as they are in disbelieve of what i say that they will go to the great delusion with this!

    Tammuz (the idol bad spirit of the x-mas tree) is STILL here cause the devil and his peeps roam the earth,seeking whom to devour and accusing the saints in front of God.

    God said that “you shall have no other gods before me”…That means they are alive and well and exist still as they always have but are keeping “low key” cause they want you to believe that there is no dangers anymore and that they do not exist.

    God bless you for upholding the holy word of El-Shaddai (the almighty)!!!You even quoted the psalm 119…I’m in tears!!!!

    1. I really enjoyed reading the column. It is so true and I am in agreement. Praise God someone, see a, discern, and know the truth. The truth will make us free. Amen

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