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  1. Amen! My husband and I and several friends are so disheartened that in the area we live in it is so hard to find churches that are preaching the Truth. Rather many churches worry about offending people or worse yet, to allow license to live as they would like. I an saddened for the generation rising up, where their only example are “Christians” and church services that look like the world.

    These churches that trust in their fancy stages and worship teams and avoiding preaching on Heaven and Hell, but rather preaching on freedom from their addictions rather than freedom from the heart of the matter. I’m not saying preaching needs to be all fire and brimstone, but I see a lack of preaching about what people are being saved from, and the joy that we have knowing that the Lord redeemed us from the pit into eternal life with Him. It seems as though they are not trusting God’s Word to do what it says it will, but trusting in performance.

    As you can see, this post touches a nerve, something that has been grieving me much of late.

    Thank you for speaking boldly. Praying that the church will wake up and return wholly to the Word of God.

    1. Karen, I hear your heart completely; and these are the very things that grieve my heart and spirit so much. Rather than preaching the Word that will set people free, they entertain people in their bondage.

  2. Great post! I’ve just been thinking and praying about this very issue this week. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom to the church. Visiting you from the Titus Tuesdays link up party. Have a blessed week!

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