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  1. You are doing fine and would love to part of this great work which you people are doing there Ok i have a ministry too but min e is based on teaching and raise leaders thats what i usually do for now.

  2. Such great thoughts Dean and so well said. I love the line the great danger of deception is one does not know when they are deceived unless someone loves them enough to show them the truth. We have to love others like Christ, enough to tell them the truth. He didn’t shy away from truth. The church can not either because then it becomes deception. Thank you for sharing with us at Sitting Among Friends on Wednesdays.

    1. Oh yes, this is what the truth in love is all about. Loving people enough not to allow them to continue on to destruction. Sadly, much of the church has allowed herself to be silenced by the tolerance bullies. But there is a remnant who will not be silenced and we must continue to show the love of Christ as we speak the truth of the Word.

  3. Amen! Changing the truth of God’s Word and calling yourself a Christian church is false. It is a deception to those who would enter and those who are already a part. I hope this opens the eyes of those who are being deceived by any doctrine apart from that which is written in the Scriptures.

    1. Amen, Amanda. And it’s the worst kind of deception, because we have been called to reflect the truth of God’s Word. “If that light which is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness!”

  4. Wonderfully said! The whole Bible is God’s infallible Word. We can’t just take our favorite bits and pieces and put ourselves in the place of God. Everything that’s in there is there for a reason.
    Thank you for linking with Grace and Truth last week!

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